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Elevate and Delegate is a headhunting agency that helps businesses find affordable offshore talent

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what can Offshore Talent do for your Business?


Being able to quickly understand how your business is performing is essential. Cash flow is the oxygen that drives business growth and having clean, organized books means you always have access to that information.

Lead Generation

Scrape a list of contact information, send DM's on Twitter or cold e-mail outreach. Regardless of the lead generation that needs to be done your new hire can generate more leads for your business.

Customer Service

Do you need a teammate with flawless English who can communicate with customers? You may be surprised that we've placed dozens of customer service reps with US-based companies who are thrilled with their new hire.

Video Editing

Video is the future of marketing. Arguably the most important media distribution platforms in the world are Youtube and Tiktok. Video content is good for business but it can expensive. We can help you find and hire an incredibly talented video editor at a fraction of the cost.

Social Media Management

Creating and distributing content is good for business but who has the time? An overseas social media manager can help you create, manage and distribute your businesses content.

Data Management

Every business has a treasure trove of information. Customer information, media, analytical data, sales forecasts, employee information, SOPs and the list goes on. Your new teammate can manage it.

CRM Management

Once you've hit scale managing leads becomes a full-time job. Your new employee can help you organize, follow up and respond to potential clients.

Data Entry

Data entry is the 21st century version of paperwork. We've worked with dozens of clients to help them onboard overseas talent to help with the mountain of data entry work that modern day businesses face.

Podcast Editing

An increasing number of businesses have their own podcast. For many it's their best source of leads. Creating, producing and editing a podcast is an enormous job. Let us help you find a talented podcast editor.

An Endless Pool of Talent.

We source our talent from paid job boards, free job boards, our growing Facebook group of 15,000 prospective workers and our existing e-mail list.

These are talented, skilled individuals who can help you get your time back AND grow your business.  

Your time is valuable and you should be handling tasks that are high leverage. Hiring overseas talent can help you get back to focusing on the most critical parts of your business.

Smooth And Efficient Hiring And Onboarding.

Hiring and onboarding new employees can pose a real challenge for companies. Most small businesses don’t have their own internal HR team.

First, you have to place a job on job boards, sift through hundreds of underwhelming resumes and screen candidates before finally landing on the right hire.

But the work doesn’t stop there. 

After you’ve successfully hired a new employee you need to get them onto payroll, setup their benefits and get them a company laptop.  All in hopes you’ve found the right person. 

Our hiring and onboarding process removes these headaches. We start with our enormous pool of potential candidates, we hand pick the very best before further screening and finally presenting you with three great options.

Strategy Sessions

We start every new relationship by understanding our clients business. What are your pain points? Where do you need help? And most important would a dedicated VA solve a major problem for you.

Criteria Analysis

We’ve established that your business would benefit from overseas talent. We then put together a list of potential jobs and tasks that you could use help with. After we’ve identified the type of talent you need we go find you three great options.

Placement Call

We arrange a call with you to interview all three candidates. We help facilitate these conversations. Asking questions where appropriate and helping you to determine which candidate would be the best fit.

90 Day Guarantee

We offer a 90 day guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your new hire we’ll replace them.

Philosophy & Process

Our philosophy is simple.

Dedicated overseas talent, that work on your schedule are a far better solution than part time VA’s. 

Using a three step process we find you a great candidate.

Still not satisfied? We got you covered.

We offer a 90 day guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your new hire we will replace them.

Skilled Overseas Talent guaranteed to

bring your Business to the next level

Of hours saved

Our overseas talent has saved over 60,000 hours for business owners.

1 +
Assistants Placed

We’ve helped dozens of businesses hire over 100 people. 

1 %
of labour costs saved

Our talent will cost a fraction of their US equivalent.

Grow Your Businss Without Increasing Your Hours.

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