How Can Overseas Talent Free Up Your Time?

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What Can Your new Hire Do For Your Business?


Being able to quickly understand how your business is performing is essential. Cash flow is the oxygen that drives business growth and having clean, organized books means you always have access to that information.

Lead Generation

Scrape a list of contact information, send DM's on Twitter or cold e-mail outreach. Regardless of the lead generation that needs to be done your new hire can generate more leads for your business.

Customer Service

Do you need a teammate with flawless english who can communicate with customers? You may be surprised that we've placed dozens of customer service reps with US based companies who are thrilled with their new hire.

Video Editing

Video is the future of marketing. Arguably the most important media distribution platforms in the world are Youtube and Tiktok. Video content is good for business - but it can expensive. We can help you find and hire an incredibly talented video editor at a fraction of the cost.

Social Media Management

Creating and distributing content is good for business but who has the time? An overseas social media manager can help you create, manage and distribute your businesses content.

Data Management

Every business has a treasure trove of information. Customer information, media, analytical data, sales forecasts, employee information, SOPs and the list goes on. Your new teammate can manage it.

CRM Management

Once you've hit critical scale managing leads becomes a full time job. Your new employee can help you organize, follow up and respond to potential clients.

Data Entry

Data entry is the 21st centuries version of paperwork. We've worked with dozens of clients to help them onboard overseas talent to help with the mountain of data entry work that modern day businesses face.

Podcast Editting

An increasing number of businesses have their own podcast. For many it's their best source of leads. Creating, producing and editing a podcast is an enormous job. Let us help you find a talented podcast editor.

Find the Right Talent for Your Business

There are a lot of ways to find and hire talent. 

What makes Elevate & Delegate unique is our ability to place high-quality candidates on our first try.

Our success rate is over 90% because we take the time to understand your needs and then we find several quality candidates that you get to interview. 

The Experts At Placing Overseas Talent

We’ve helped fill over a hundred roles with overseas talent. 

Our secret sauce is not only knowing where to look but also knowing how to vet candidates. 

Talented & Versatile

Business owners are routinely surprised by the range of tasks we are able to hire for. The candidates we hire are incredibly talented. Not sure if we can help you fill a role? Let’s chat to find out.

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We suggest that you reach out to your tax analyst regarding this. However most clients are simply doing it as an independent contractor. The staff will be the one to take care of their own taxes in the Philippines.

We generally do not require an Independent Contractor to sign a W-8 BEN form. However, this is optional. The Form W-8 BEN is not filed with the IRS. Instead, it is kept on file with the US payor in case they are audited. If audited, the Form W-8 BEN supports why no Form 1099 was issued and why no tax was withheld. We would still suggest talking with your accountant about this.

Same security measures you do with your internal staff. We suggest not to give them a very risky task on days 1- 30. To add, if you were to assign them to a task that involves extremely private information such has banking info, social security, etc. We suggest you get a monitoring software such as Insightful, Teramind or Time Doctor. From there you can see all the tools that they are using, get a screenshot of what they do and measure their productivity everyday. After 3 months or once you feel like you can trust the staff, you can have them do that for you.

Yes we do! We check their criminal history, call character references and previous employers. For added security, we get 2 valid ID’s and also an ID of their emergency contact person. Their mother’s ID for example.

We have 90 service guarantee that if things go south, we can replace the staff for you at no charge!

We’d like to say it depends on their experience. On average, it ranges from $800 to $1,200 a month. Also depends on what the “must have skills” you require in the Job Description. Although for General VA Tasks, it’s right around $800 to $1000 a month.

Staff from the Philippines has been working for US based companies for many years and are used to working during US office hours.

You and our team will create the Job Description, We’ll then Source, Run Ads and Post it on different job boards and Social Media, we’ll get about hundreds of applicants, sort each one out and get about 10%. Next step is for the candidates to do the exams like personality test, English proficiency test, video recorded interview, and more. If they pass, we’ll do the interview with them and get the top 3. We’ll send you a google drive with their profile and exam results and book a meeting with you to do the final interview.

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