Our Story

How Elevate & Delegate

Got Started

In 2021 I was running a full-time business, my wife was in grad school and we had just had our first son. 

I was drowning in the amount of work that needed to get done and I wasn’t spending the amount of time that I wanted to with my family. A friend of mine had suggested I hire help from overseas. I was skeptical that I could hire a full-time employee for 1/3 of the cost AND that they would actually be effective.

But I knew that if I didn’t solve this problem my family life was going to continue to suffer. So I did what I’ve always done – I decided to take action. 

My first few hires were terrible. Poor English skills, poor communication, missed deadlines and full of excuses. 

But just like anywhere in the world – there are good hires and bad hires.

I figured a few things out – how to check their internet speed, how to determine if they’re going to have chronic power outages, how to grade their English skills and more generally how to find hungry, quality talent.

After solving this problem for my own business, I started helping friends hire for their own businesses.

Soon it became apparent there was a need for this service and Elevate & Delegate was born.

Our mission is to help 10,000 business owners hire overseas talent to help them grow and scale their business over the next 10 years.

Our Mission

To help 10,000 business owners hire overseas talent to help them grow and scale their business.

Our Philosophy

Dedicated overseas talent, that works on your schedule is a far better solution than part-time help. The incremental cost is negligible and the increased output is dramatic.

Our Why

When my son was born I wanted to spend more time with my family. We all want more time. Our goal is to help business owners free up more time in their chaotic lives.

Bryant Sullentrop

I am a husband, a dad and a serial entrepreneur. My first successful business (which I still own) was a janitorial cleaning business in South Carolina.  

My mission is to help 10,000 business owners grow and scale their businesses. A side benefit is while we help these businesses grow, we provide incredible career opportunities for the overseas talent that we work with.

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